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Sierra’s story was first told through daily blogging on Facebook to keep family and friends updated on her progress. With nearly 2,000 fans on Facebook, Sierra’s story reached across the world. The family received calls everywhere from New York to Australia. If her life has touched yours, help spread awareness by sharing this website.
Sierra had a Facebook group from when she was diagnosed. What follows is a journal of much of her treatment, as told through that group.

Gen Chamblee Thank you all for doing this. Any and every prayer is needed!!!!

January 31 at 1:00pm

Charles Chamblee well a little update on my little girl…. tonight at 930pm sierra was transfered to the ICU for kids. she is believed to be anemic and is receiving a blood transfusion and the dr are hoping that this fixes some of her problems. PLEEEEEEASE keep her in your thoughts and prayers. thanks.

February 2 at 10:26pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is in the ICU. They thought last night that the mass was bleeding. She got a blood transfusion and her counts are higher and staying up. If all goes well today with her scan, she most likely will be starting chemo today. Keep up the prayers, please!!
Feb 3 at 1:22 pm

Gen Chamblee The cancer is in Sierra’s bones now too. But, they started her on chemo last night and it went very well!

Charles Chamblee Sierra had to have a chest tube put in this morning at 0600 on her left side. The Dr found fluid around her left lung and said that this was a possibility but did not think that they were going to need it. The Dr was wrong…. They are putting a chest tube in as I am typing

February 5 at 7:05am

Gen Chamblee Good news: Sierra was thirsty last night. Bad news:this morning a chest tube had to be put in. There is fluid building around Sierra’s lung and causing it to collapse. If this doesn’t work, they are talking about putting her on a ventilator. She is getting her 1st round of chemo, but this is going to be a long road. The chemo is battling the cancer. Her body is at war. Please pray!

February 5 at 9:28am

Gen Chamblee Sierra is at UNM in Albuquerque. It is the Children’s Hospital.

February 5 at 9:27pm

Gen Chamblee Good news today!!!!!!!!! Sierra is feeling better. She is talking a little and wants to watch tv!!Top of Form

February 6 at 8:20am
Gen Chamblee We are hoping today is even better than yesterday. The drs lowered Sierra’s O2 and she is holding steady. She can’t eat or drink anything, but she is thirsty. Her attitude is back, and today is the last day of the 1st round of chemo! She is tolerating it well, and all her tests come back fine when they do them.
February 7 at 7:41am

Gen Chamblee She does have fluid around her chest still ,which they are draining and she still needs transfusions. But, she is doing awesome!! Keep up the prayers!!!

February 7 at 7:42am

Gen Chamblee Update!Sierra’s lungs are looking a lot better! Her fluid will slowly start to disappear and her belly measurement was smaller!!! We all are starting to feel that the mass is shrinking!!!! It’s a day to day thing, and it’s going to be good and bad days. Cancer & chemo just work that way. But I am taking the good news and running with it!!! KEEP UP THE PRAYERS EVERYONE!!!!

Charles Chamblee The doctor says that Sierra is not keeping her O2 where it needs to be so they are going to change the way that she gets her O2. If this does not work they will have to intubate her.

Gen Chamblee They had to incubate Sierra.

Gen Chamblee We almost lost her today. I can’t even think straight, I am so exhausted. I want every person who reads this to pray for her and to
keep praying. Please, will you all ask God for a miracle?

February 8 at 8:04pm

Charles Chamblee My baby girl had to be intubated today and they had problems. She crashed and they had to get the crash cart. I have been to war, I have had bullets flying in my direction, I have fought fires on a ship in the middle of the ocean but I have never been soooooooo scared in all my life. When it comes to your kids there is nothing that can scare you as much as almost losing one of them.

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s lungs look great, the fluid seems to be easing up. She is still on the vent and still sedated. The big issue right now is she is bleeding into her abdomen. She is on a medicine that helps clot the blood and hopefully will do the trick.Her mass seems unchanged, but, it’s not growing either! I feel in my heart that the chemo is working and she will be just fine! Prayers are still needed though!

Charles Chamblee I am so grateful that there are people in this world that still care. I want everyone to know that Gen and I are very thankful for everything that everyone has done and is still doing. I can’t tell you how much this means to us and to my baby girl Sierra. THANK YOU.

Gen Chamblee The Father from our church came and blessed Sierra. He said a prayer and put her on the prayer list for all of Sunday’s masses. Today has been a better day. Her clotting is better, her oxygen is better and to me her belly looks smaller. Measurements say otherwise though. She is still bleeding, but it may have minimized a t…iny bit. Let’s just pray we are going up hill!!

Gen Chamblee A lot is the same with Sierra. Her oxygen was down, but they finally found a setting she likes so it is stable now. Her tummy size is slightly lower too. Big brother prayed with her, and even asked for a miracle to be sent. It was positively the sweetest thing ever. The power of prayer is amazing!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra not only needs prayers right now, she really needs positive thoughts and energy sent her way as well. She is in desperate need of it!!

February 12 at 8:48pm

Gen Chamblee Today is a good day! Sierra’s oxygen is maintaining, her color looks better and all her levels seem to be doing well. I want so much for things to be heading in the right direction, and this may be the beginning!

Charles Chamblee Happy Valentine’s Day Sierra. Love ya Daddy

Gen Chamblee Sierra is still bleeding (so she still needs blood transfusions), although her oncologist feels that it is slowly getting under control. Her oxygen has been in the 95-100 range, with an occasional dip into the 80’s. Her dr said he was very happy with the way things are looking, and she is taking baby steps in the right direction. If things continue to go well, she will be getting her 2nd round of chemo in about 8 days!

Gen Chamblee Keep up those prayers!

February 14 at 2:33pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing even better today. Her oxygen pressure was lowered and she is loving it. She did spike a fever this morning and they broke it, but, they are testing her for infection or something viral. Please pray that it is not viral!! That would be hard for her combat right now. Other than that, she is baby stepping her way to running and the prayers are helping!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is losing her hair 🙁
But she has her mama’s will and God’s amazing grace………

Gen Chamblee Sierra is still stable. Which is very satisfying right now. Her oxygen is doing great. She does have a temp, so they are trying to figure out why. Viral came back negative, thank God. She also is having a hard time maintaining her blood levels. We all think she just needs time………..

February 16 at 2:25pm

Gen Chamblee She has the weapons to fight this battle, but we all need to give her time. I just pray she is ready for her next dose of chemo so she can win this, and hoping she isn’t worse after it. THANK YOU ALL for the prayers and positive thoughts – PLEASE keep them coming!! She needs them so much!!!

Charles Chamblee I am going to try and give everyone an update on what is going on with Sierra…..So yesterday they tried to put another central line in her. The Dr tried for about an hour and a half but she did not have any luck. They are going to try again today they have a Dr that has good luck with getting these lines on little babies like Sierra. So that you all know the reason that they are trying to get this line is so that they have more access points. Outside of that Sierra is doing great and she is fighting the good fight and she is going to be a strong little WOMAN. She has her mother’s will and strength. I will let you know what happens today

Gen Chamblee I ♥ have ♥ the ♥ most ♥ beautiful ♥ DAUGHTER ♥ in the ♥ world☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤❤¸.•*¨*•☆☆•Top of Form

February 18 at 6:51pm

Charles Chamblee The days are long and the nights are longer but
my baby girl is getting better with every passing minute. Last night I
went to a family support group here at the hospital and it was
refreshing to talk to others that are going through the same thing.

Gen Chamblee

Long Update

Here is a longer update: Sierra’s tummy is still large, and her measurements are the same. Her oxygen has been amazing, with very few dips. In fact, they actually started to wean her off the vent. The vent she is on now does all the breathing for her. What the drs want… to do is be able to get her onto another vent that allows her to breathe over it so she can learn to again. From there they can get her off completely. Her lungs are fine, but the pressure in her tummy is pushing up on her lungs, so she has less room to breathe. She also can get a CT done when she gets onto the other vent. The CT will explain everything, rather than have to guess. Sierra has a chest tube to drain the fluid around her lungs, which has decreased a ton over the last couple days. They did an ultrasound and said that very little fluid is there, so that was great news. Her heart looks great, and is acting fine. Once in awhile her heart rate goes up or her blood pressure acts up, but no meds are needed. It tends to increase when someone talks to her. Her brain is working, so she is aware when someone is around and we have music on to calm her. All her organs are doing well. She does have a slight fever that the drs tested for viral, which was negative, and for an infection, which so far nothing has been positive. Everyone thinks that it is being caused by the war going on in her tummy.Right now the biggest thing next to her o2, is the bleeding and fluid. With Sierra’s mass, as it dies, it bleeds. Masses put off toxins as they decompose. The drs are keeping up with balancing everything. She is being given clotting medicine to slow down and eventually stop the bleeding from the mass. When that happens her body will then reabsorb the blood and fluid. But until then it is a waiting game. Sierra was needing 2 blood transfusions per day when she first got here. Then it went to 1 per day. Right now it has been almost 34 hours and she has not needed one. Her blood gases look great, her clotting looks great and all her levels seem good. I asked God to give me a sign last night that everything will be alright and that things are getting better. I think today is a sign 🙂

February 19 at 10:05am

Gen Chamblee Sierra is clotting better, so now they are checking her
blood levels every 6 hours instead of 4!!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s blood level went up – not down!!! That is the 1st time it’s ever done that!!!! That means she could be slowly easing up on the bleeding!!

Gen Chamblee If it wasn’t for good thoughts and prayers – who knows where we’d be. Positive energy and prayer is the best medicine!! Thank you and please……keep it up!!!

February 19 at 7:57pm

Charles Chamblee I want to say thank you to the entire Yearout Mechanical family. They have been very generous with Prayer and donations and for that my family is very thankful. I will never be able to repay them for all that they have done.

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s blood is finally clotting to the point that her levels are much better, they are cutting back on her clotting meds, but, her
oxygen is having a harder time. The pressure is getting harder on her
lungs. Please pray that her body will start to absorb the fluid and
allow for some room in her little body!!

Gen Chamblee Last night Sierra’s vent turned off for no apparent reason. Her oxygen dropped to 30. Talk about scary. Today has been an alright day so far. Her oxygen is at 90 right now. Her fever has gone away, in fact she is a bit low so she has a blanket on. Everything is maintaining.We are just hoping and praying that her body gets rid of this extra fluid and that we can proceed with her 2nd round of chemo

Gen Chamblee


The Dr came in and said he does not want to do chemo tomorrow. Sierra’s numbers are not good enough, and he is scared that chemo could make it all worse. She has had some positive things happen such as the vent being turned down and she is tolerating it, the fluid in he…r chest is easing up and her organs are all well. Chemo could make it worse, or make it better. No one knows. The abdominal fluid is coming from this mass, but the only thing that can get rid of the mass is chemo. Problem is, it could make her bleed more. If they don’t do it, the mass can grow. It’s like we are screwed if we do and screwed if we don’t. This fluid needs to go somewhere. Her body needs to absorb it and she needs to pee it out. I am hoping it does, even as the mass stays in there. SIERRA NEEDS EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU TO PRAY. SHE NEEDS EVERY SINGLE PRAYER SHE CAN GET.


February 22 at 12:52pm

Gen Chamblee So they decided to proceed
with chemo. Obviously there are risks. She can bleed more, or get an
infection that will be hard to fight if she has no immune system. Once
you hit rock bottom though,you can only go one way and that is up.For
everyone that has prayed before, please start praying again and don’t
stop. For those who have not said a prayer yet,please start to

February 22 at 3:38pm

Gen Chamblee Please send all positive energy and prayers my daughter’s way. Another round of chemo starts today. Let’s all pray that this gets rid of the fluid and stops the bleeding.

February 23 at 9:46am

Gen Chamblee The chemo began. All her levels are great so far. This is the time to grab this tumor by its throat and kick it’s butt! Keep on praying ya’ll!!

Charles Chamblee They are going to try and remove some of the fluid from her belly today. This is a very risky thing please keep her in your thoughts.

February 24 at 10:41am

Gen Chamblee

The latest update

This morning Sierra’s oxygen plummeted and the drs realized that the vent she was on was not doing the job. They decided to put her onto another vent. The vent she is on now is the most popular vent. It’s the one they wanted to wean her to. Problem was it was extreme hi…gh pressures that could cause major lung damage. The drs also wanted to put a tube in her stomach to release some of the pressure. Pressure from her lungs and pressure all around. It was a very risky procedure. Like taking a needle to a balloon. Putting a tube in there could cause chaos in her tummy. But we had to do something. She did it with flying colors. They removed a bag full of fluid and when they did that all her stats came up. Her heart is still fast, but they hope it will come down with the release of pressure. Her lungs are able to expand more. She looks much better. Tummy is still big, and it will be for a bit as they keep removing fluid slowly. Too fast could put her body into shock. So they are regulating it. They have already been able to lower the vent some and seen a decrease in tummy size. Before the procedure the drs told us she probably would not be a survivor of cancer. They said we should just be done and not do anymore. They felt the cancer beat us. But we told them that we are NOT done and NOT giving up. We are still going to fight. It’s not like she went downhill and keeps going down. Sierra has gone uphill and we know she will be fine. Drs don’t know everything, nor do they really believe in miracles. But, we do believe and have are keeping the faith. All those prayers are helping so please, please, please keep them coming!!

February 24 at 4:51pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra has had a good day. They lowered the vent to 80% o2 instead of 100%. And lowered some pressures, and she is maintaining her o2 level. She got a blood transfusion last night, which was the 1st one in nearly 5 days. The chemo was the cause. She is getting 2 more days of chemo and then will be done this round. A faith healer came to see her as well today. Prayers are helping more than you can imagine! She needs all of them!
Charles Chamblee Today was a great day. Sierra has kept all of her numbers right where they need to be. She is going to prove all the doctors wrong and she is going to be the PRINCESS that she should be. Thank you to every one that has kept her in their thoughts and prayers they are helping more than we could have ever expected.

Gen Chamblee Sierra is down to 65% oxygen level and she is holding her o2 at 92! Her blood is holding and even getting a little higher. She had a fever but it dropped. They are testing it for infections again. Her tummy is measuring the same but it’s a lot softer. She is taking the chemo real well. The drs are testing her kidneys making sure they are holding up. So far the drs are pleased with everything!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is ever so slowly getting on a better road. She seems to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. And it’s not really a step back. This morning she needed another chest tube. Her lung was collapsing from the pressure on the vent. Now that the tube is there, it should be easier towean her from the vent. Everything else so far is maintaining. Everything is in God’s hands, so let’s keep on praying!

Gen Chamblee Sierra really needs prayers. Over the weekend she did wonderful, and then yesterday early in the day her o2 fell drastically because of the vent pressures. She had 3 more chest tubes put in. Good thing is, they have been lowering her pressures, which will help. They also have been lowering her o2 on the vent. But she’s still needs everyone’s prayers so things can get better.

March 1 at 10:12am

Gen Chamblee

More update

Sierra is having a hard time with her oxygen, but other than that she looks great. Every time they try to wean her oxygen level, she tends to desat. So she is back up to 95%. Yesterday they were able to get her down to 48%, but she is being stubborn. The pressures are being lowered though, when they can be. It’s like a catch 22. The pressures are causing extra air in the lungs, which is very hard on the lungs, but they are not able to move the pressures down fast enough. It’s all about her lungs right now. We don’t know much about the tumor. She still can’t go for a CT, but they did do an ultrasound. Thing is, her Dr said that an ultrasound is complex and not as accurate. They did a 24 hour urine to see how well her kidneys are doing and to see if the tumor is breaking down. We all feel it is. Just because her appearance is better and because she is still having some bleeding. She has not had a blood transfusion since Wed though, which means the bleeding has slowed. She tried to breathe over the vent 2 times. That is awesome that she is fighting, but not good because it wears her down. Her Dr said that her appearance gives away a lot of what is happening. And she looks good! She is losing some fluid from the tummy, and her face looks almost normal again! They measure her urine output, and her intake of fluids that they give her to see if she is losing some extra. She has been in the negative the last 2 days, which means that she is losing extra! The nurse also thinks she saw a tear yesterday. That made me so sad. If she can hear me and feel me, than she could be scared. Right now, Sierra needs every last prayer. I know that I keep on saying that, but obviously they are working. Sierra is here another day, and things are seeming to be better, not worse. Please do keep her in your prayers daily, thank you!

March 2 at 9:53am

Gen Chamblee Awesome news!!! Drs just told me that Sierra’s tumor is reacting to the chemo!! Thank you to everyone who keeps on praying and thanks be to GOD!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is having a good day so far. Her tummy is defintely getting smaller. She is still having issues with her o2, but SLOWLY it could be resolving itself. The Drs are trying to wean her from the vent as much as she will allow them to. Prayers have worked this far, so please keep on praying that she will win this!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is holding her own and doing better. She keeps dropping her O2, but the Drs realized it was from the extra air that was accumilating in spaces it was not supposed to. So they put in 2 larger chest tubes, in place of the others, to help resolve that. The vent causes that extra air, and they want to be able to wean. Other than that, she is stable.

Gen Chamblee Sierra has gotten a temp they can not break and her oxygen won’t get better. PLEASE, I AM ON MY KNEES PRAYING TO GOD THAT THIS CANCER DOES NOT WIN. I AM ASKING ALL OF YOU TO DO THE SAME.

Gen Chamblee Sierra ended up having an alright day yesterday and today was good too. She has been dropping her oxygen less, and when she does, she brings herself back up with no help from the Drs. That is a positive thing! She still has a fever that broke last night on it’s own, but today it was back. Still no explanation for it. Everything else has remained the same.

Gen Chamblee Sierra had a great day yesterday and so far today has been great as well, except for her blood pressure. She just can’t seem to keep it up. Her oxygen has been doing well, and her temp comes and goes. We are still in need of prayers though!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra did really great on Saturday and today seems to be going the same! The dr has been able to lower the blood pressure med and she seems to be alright. Her fever is gone. And they have lowered the vent! Her o2 has been good enough to lower the oxygen percentage( fio2) and they went down a little on the pressure and the resp. rate! Please keep up the prayers!! Thank you!!
March 14 at 10:47am

Gen Chamblee Sierra has a rough night. They had to up the pressures on the vent, but now her o2 is doing well. Her biggest problem other than the vent pressures is her blood pressure. She is having big issues with it. Chemo is supposed to start today, but it may or may not happen due to her blood pressure. Please send prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes her way!!!

Gen Chamblee Please pray that Sierra’s night goes as good as today was. She did not get chemo today, but hopefully tomorrow or the next day. They are also testing to see if the mass is still shrinking. Please send prayers that this mass is decreasing still, and that the vent can be weaned more and her blood pressure gets better! Thank you everyone!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing better today. Her oxygen is doing amazing. They have even weaned more on the vent. No fever but her blood pressure is still all over the place. Plan is to start chemo again tomorrow and see how she does. The Dr is just waiting on the test results still showing a decrease in the mass. I know in my heart that it is still decreasing!!

Gen Chamblee I just got the worst news yet. Sierra’s mass has grown in size despite the chemo. They are now switching plans. No one knows if it will work. I feel absolutely sick to my stomach and don’t know what to do.

Charles Chamblee So tonight at about 5:30pm we received news that Sierra’s cancer has gotten worse. On Monday they took a urine sample and sent it to the lab. We got the results and they are not good. They check for 2 things to tell them what the cancer is doing the first thing is HVA(Homovanillic acid) in January it was 684, in Febuary it was 189 now in March it is 1920. The second thing that they look for is VMA(Vanillylmandelic acid) in January it was 64, in Febuary it was 44 now in March it is 78. The idea is that these numbers are supposed to get smaller but they arent. We need all the PRAYERS that we can get for baby Sierra. Thank you

Gen Chamblee Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It’s been a decent day. Nurses and Drs brought me cake and gifts and so did the hubby. Sierra had a good day too. She is off the blood pressure med, they lowered the vent again and they started the new chemo today. Perfect body temp, and peeing negative numbers, which is great. She also might hopefully lose another med tomorrow. PLEASE PRAY that this chemo works!!!

March 19 at 6:00pm
Gen Chamblee Sierra is having a pretty good day. She got a new bed that is an air bed so it’s easier on her body with the swelling. She had to get back on the blood pressure med but it’s being weaned again. She was in need of blood and when she got that it helped a lot. Her vent has been weaned even more. And today is the 3rd day of chemo so please God, let this work!!!
March 21 3:50pm
Gen Chamblee Noetic Science. After reading about it, it just reinforces my feeling on the power of prayer. If all minds join together to focus on one thing, it can happen. So I am asking each and every one of you to join our minds together, and pray that this chemo saves Sierra’s life!! Thank you!!

Gen Chamblee

A new update

It’s been a little while since I really updated everything on Sierra. So I am going to try to remember everything as best as I can. Sierra was put onto Dopamine because her blood pressure would not stabalize. Every time they try to wean it, she needs to go back up. At one point they had to give her Epinephrine because the Dopamine level was too high. Luckily, she has slowly been getting better with it, and they have backed off the amount of Dopamine. The Drs have been lowering the vent a lot, and Sierra is tolerating it. She desats everyone once in awhile, but her lungs are definitely getting better and stronger. If she keeps it up, they can continue to wean it. She is on only 2 antibiotics compared to the 4 she was originally on, and has had no fevers. Her urine output has been awesome, and she looks good. Her belly (because of the mass) & arms (because of fluid) are still swollen, but her face and legs look so much better. We had gotten news that the chemo from the 1st round had been working, but after the 2nd round the mass had grown. It became immune to the drugs. Now she is on a different protocol of chemo that we are hoping to God works. To me, if I see negative things going on when she is on chemo, it tells me the chemo is working. As wrong as that may sound, it’s reassuring to me. And so far i have seen some negative. I know there is a lot more that I am missing, but I think I have gotten the important stuff. Thank you all for the prayers, and please, pray that this new chemo just wipes out the mass!!

March 23 at 10:14am

Gen Chamblee We strongly believe in the power of prayer and the ability of Jesus to heal our precious daughter. Whether He does this through modern medicine or simply a divine touch, we aren’t picky. We are asking others to join us on this journey, and fervently pray for our little girl. The road is long, and unbelievably hard. Please keep all of us in your prayers. Thank you.

March 24 at 10:53am

Gen Chamblee Sierra got off the bp med last night,
and then went back on it again. But this morning they got her off of it
and she has been off of it since. She had some o2 problems last night
and this morning, but since then it has been great. Some things went
down on the vent and others went up. But now everything seems to be coming down. She also got a feeding tube. The drs want her bowels to get moving again and so far so good!

Gen Chamblee Sierra has had a wonderful day.The bp med is back, but very low. She got a feeding tube put in yesterday to get her bowels moving again, which they are. PT came in today to get her muscles & joints moving again, and the Dr said they move great. The vent has been lowered quite a few times, and she is so close to breathing on her own. 2nd round of this chemo starts tomorrow!! Please pray super strong that this chemo works!!

March 25 at 3:31pm

Gen Chamblee The Dr is taking the paralytic off of Sierra to see if she can tolerate doing some breathing on her own!!!! This is HUGE!! PLEASE LORD HEAR OUR PRAYERS!!!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra has been doing well. She is off the paralytic, Dopamine( bp med) and they even cut back one of the sedation drugs because she does not need as much anymore. She is moving her eyes, fingers mouth and feet. The vent pressures are about the same, and she is holding her own. Her lungs are definitely getting better. Today is day 3 of the 2nd round of this chemo. We are all praying that these new drugs will save her life!

March 28 at 10:23am


Gen Chamblee Sierra is very awake today! She opens her eyes wide, is moving her hands, feet and even her head! The vent has been lowered a touch, and 2 chest tubes are going bye bye! She is no where near out of the woods yet, and we still have a long road, but prayers have gotten her this far. Thank you all for sending the prayers and please keep it up

March 29 at 11:16am

Gen Chamblee Sierra has has a decent last couple of days. Another chest tube came out yesterday.The first day she opened her eyes, she was awake all day. But yesterday and today she has been sleeping more. I think she wore herself out. She did have a few poopy diapers, which is great. But every time they go to clean her butt, she desats. Other than that, the Drs are trying to wean the vent more and keep praying the chemo is working!

March 31 at 10:23am

Gen Chamblee Sierra has taken a step back with the vent. Pressures had to go back up. Please send positive thoughts and prayers for her. Thank you.

Gen Chamblee I know that there will be set backs.2 steps forward, 1 step back. Or as my hubby says,6 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps back. I can’t get caught up in the negative. Good things are happening. Sierra is coughing,sucking,biting,swallowing,holding her toys,and even is trying to breathe on her own. Now I just want to know the chemo is working and going to give her her life back. Positive thoughts and prayers can only help her.

Gen Chamblee I really need everyone to pray for Sierra’s test results to be awesome tomorrow! They are doing a urine test to see if the mass is decreasing. We need every last prayer and positive thought for her!!

Gen Chamblee So here is an update on Sierra. They lowered the vent a little more, and so far so good. She has been off of all antibiotics and is doing great. Her oncologist came in today and he has not seen her in a week, and the1st thing he said when walked in was ,”wow, she looks good!” That made me feel so happy! They are sending the test away today to see if the mass is decreasing, but it will take about 4 days to get back.

Gen Chamblee

New stuff

Sierra has been doing pretty darn good. The drs had to raise pressures on the vent, but they have been lowering them for the past couple days. She had 5 chest tubes of which only 2 are left, and they are removing another one today. Sierra keeps breathing over the vent, and that is what the Drs want. They took the paralytic off so that she could learn how to use her lungs again. She also does open her eyes and move her feet, hands, arms, and even her head. Thing is, she is still sedated so she can’t focus. But she can see, we just don’t know what. And Sierra loves to hold her stuffed animals and shake her rattle. She coughs, bites down on things, swallows and sucks, which all is great signs. The bp med (Dopamine) is off and has been for a couple weeks. All antibiotics are gone. She does have a feeding tube and the Drs are increasing her food intake. And she has poopy diapers galore, which means she is digesting her food! She used to have one nurse solely for her, but since she is more stable now, the nurse has Sierra and another patient, which is great. She is going to get a CT scan next week, and they are testing her urine to see if the mass has decreased. Her oncologists have been happy with her labs and think she looks a lot better. The next round of chemo is due around the 16th.

April 6 at 12:05pm

Gen Chamblee Please pray for test results to be great!!

Gen Chamblee Positive, happy thoughts and praying that the urine results and CT results come out great.

April 9 at 10:29am

Gen Chamblee So the CT was done and the results are in. Sierra’s mass has shrunk by 35% in volume. Her Dr said normally you see 80% or so, but he said it could happen with the next rounds. I have such faith in God and in Sierra. Here’s hoping to another 50% soon!

April 9 at 6:30pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra has had some decent days. Her feedings have been upped and she is tolerating them. Her vent settings have been lowered a tad bit. She is tolerating more movement and her attitude is back! This week chemo starts again too.

Gen Chamblee Sierra has had a great day! She has been wide awake, and even though she is technically sedated,the drugs are acting more as painkillers. She played with my cell and didn’t want to give it back. She played with hers and held it up to her ear. She smiled a few times, got mad that she could not have any soda, understood directions, and is on the Kangaroo pump now because she is eating more. They also lowered the vent a bit too!

April 13 at 3:01pm

Gen Chamblee Feedings were raised and vent came down again!

April 14 at 3:27pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra waved bye bye and tried to mouth a couple words! Another round of chemo starts today too. Please, please ,please pray that it keeps working!!

April 15 at 7:11am

Gen Chamblee Sierra turns 2 yrs old in 10 days

Gen Chamblee The drs are changing the tubing in Sierra’s throat for the vent. I wish they were taking it out for good, but this is one step closer. Her throat isn’t as swollen as when she was first intubated, so this could wean her faster. Sierra also had to be restrained. She tried to pull the tube out. When I was in the hospital, I had to be restrained because I punched a nurse for moving me the wrong way. Like mother, like daughter!

Gen Chamblee Phew! The new tube is in, but Sierra scared us all. Her oxygen plummeted when they went to replace the tube. She is doing awesome now though.

Gen Chamblee My little girl still needs everyone’s prayers. She is still in the middle of chemo, her feedings are way up, but the vent came up a bit
too. She is also restrained because she keeps trying to pull the tube
out. Please keep sending those positive thoughts her way!

Gen Chamblee I am not putting my faith into fear & anger, I am putting it into Sierra & God.

April 20 at 12:43pm

Gen Chamblee It’s been nice the last 2 days. The vent has come down a couple times. Sierra has 3 teeth coming in, and possibly more that I can’t see. She has a tiny fever, but it could be from the chemo or even from teething. 2nd round of chemo starts today so please say a little prayer for her!! Thank you!

Gen Chamblee The very last chest tube is set to be gone tomorrow. And if Sierra tolerates it, the vent will come down again. 3 more days of chemo till her 16 day break. And in that 16 days another CT scan will happen along with another urine test.

April 23 at 1:38pm

Gen Chamblee Sunday is Sierra’s B-day!
Gen Chamblee For the first time I genuinely feel like Sierra is getting much better. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much, but she looks and is doing amazing. The last chest tube should be coming out today. Her oxygen is doing so awesome. Hopefully the vent will be lowered again today.
April 24 at 10:14am
Gen Chamblee Happy Birthday my beautiful Sierra!! You are God’s miracle!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s last chest tube came out yesterday along with lowering the vent. And then the vent was lowered again today! She is having some issues with throwing up, but it could be that the formula doesn’t sit too well with her. It could be the chemo too. The Drs are going to look at another one, possibly a soy one.

Gen Chamblee Sierra has had an alright last couple of
days. The vent had to go up a bit, and then yesterday she needed another chest tube. We went a few days without any tubes, but she had a ton of fluid in her chest. Today she has been sitting up, playing, waving bye bye, doing cheesy smiles and her vent came down a lot. So the tube was worth it. Next week she is having another CT so we need prayers that it comes out good!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s vent has been lowered again! This is the lowest it has ever been!!!! I asked God for a sign that things were going in the right direction, and he gave me a bunch! All we need now is to hear that her CT next week looks amazing!!

Gen Chamblee And the vent was lowered
again……….Lord, please let this finally be the ending of the vent!!!

April 30 at 9:24am

Gen Chamblee Vent down again!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing so well. Her vent is just steps away from being gone. Her primary nurse said she thinks within 7-10 days she will be extubated. Maybe sooner. Sierra has a lot more energy which makes her more fustrated that she can’t get out of bed. This week we have the CT scan, an MIGB scan that shows the mass, and her urine test. Please pray that this mass has shrunk & is ready to be taken out! Lord hear our prayers!!

Gen Chamblee Extubation could be this Friday!!!! It was going to be Wednesday, but Sierra is getting her CT scan on Thursday, and they want her intubated for that. Then depending on what the scan says, it could be Friday! If the scan says it’s time for surgery, then she will stay intubated till then. Surgery could be this weekend though!

Gen Chamblee Alright my friends – tomorrow is Sierra’s MIGB scan. It shows all the cancer in the body( which we are hoping is very little to none!) and then her CT is on Thurs. A lot rides on the CT. It will determine when she gets extubated (vent gone) and when she gets surgery. We really need every single one of you to pray in high amounts that everything looks amazing!! Thank you!

Gen Chamblee They are doing the MIGB & the CT right now!!!
Lord, please let it be great!!!

May 5 at 8:45am

Gen Chamblee

NEW INFO!!!                                                                                                              Sierra’s CT did not show a decrease in size, but there was more calcification (dead) parts. The little mass she had in her rib is dead. The MIBG showed less mass. And her urine tests showed a big decrease in the chemicals it puts off! Surgery is reviewing the scans to see if they can safely remove it now or does she need more chemo to kill it even more. But if she can have surgery it would not be for at least 5-6 days, so they are looking to extubate her today!! We will be vent free!!!! She is going to eventually get more chemo of different drugs so she does not become resistant to them, and they have her on methodone to wean her off the sedation drugs. She has been sitting up and loving it and got to see her brother which she was thrilled about! One of her oncologists said she is in awe of Sierra. That she is so small but so tough. Thank you all for the prayers that have been said – and please keep saying a little prayer for her every day!

May 8 at 8:12am

Gen Chamblee The vent is gone!!!!!!

May 8 at 1:06pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing  great. She is on a high flow o2 canula. She doesn’t like to take naps so I am constantly having to entertain her all day long, but she is eating (baby food to start) and drinking a bit. You know, if it wasn’t for these drs and the research into all the chemo drugs, Sierra would not be here today.

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing quite well. She loves to
drink, and when she can’t (she can’t have too much),she gets angry.PT had her standing today, and her chest tube is gone! The oncologists are happy that she is doing so well, and they are talking stem cell stuff and
possibly going home at some point! No surgery for now, just more chemo.The dr said that she is going to make a liar out of all the drs! I said she already has started to!

May 13 at 7:40pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing awesome! She is acting more and more like herself everyday! She eats more and is sitting by herself! PT is getting her to stand more and she loves to play! Hopefully she is not too far away from going home and a new round of chemo starts today or tomorrow!

Gen Chamblee Sierra starts new chemo today. It’s from the original protocol. The one where the mass grew and it’s more aggressive drugs (but new drugs). Please pray that these drugs help get rid of the mass instead of letting it grow.

Gen Chamblee Today was a good day! It was day 2 of chemo and so far so good. To everyone’s surprise she was really hungry all day, no one thought she would be with the chemo. And she was full of cheesy smiles. Sierra is talking again and it’s music to everyone’s ears. PT also got her to stand for a bit, and she is so determined to get moving again!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing great. They have her on a regular canula now instead of a high flow one. We are all hoping it stays this way so she can eventually go home! Please still keep her in your prayers, there is still a long road ahead!

Gen Chamblee The Drs said that after Sierra’s counts go back up, if all is well, she will most likely be able to go home! Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!!

Gen Chamblee I have to thank God for Sierra. She is the
most amazing child I have ever seen. She is determined to do it all.
Eat, drink,sit up, walk, talk, play, everything. Constant smiles through
it all. Her O2 is doing awesome, she took chemo (aggressive chemo) like
a champ, and all her labs and such are great. The drs & nurses are
amazed. I just feel honored to be her mom. I have never in my life met
such a beautiful miracle.

Gen Chamblee Sierra could be going home next week!!!!!!

May 24 at 3:46pm

Gen Chamblee c v v cvi uxuicxuic uix u n – Love,

May 28 at 5:09pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing well. Every day she is a little stronger. It looks as though this Friday, is everything stays well, she is going home!!!

May 31 at 1:42pm

Gen Chamblee It feels so good to hear the drs and nurses say that Sierra is a miracle child ♥
Gen Chamblee Sierra is set to go home tomorrow!!!!! WOO
Gen Chamblee So Sierra is home. It’s been going alright. The first night it was weird for her, familiar but at the same time not familiar. Yesterday was better, and today even better. It’s just going to take some time. She has been eating more and moving more. On Tues she goes in for more chemo (4 days) and then on the 24th we go to Denver for stem cell harvesting!Top of Form

June 6 at 10:16am

Gen Chamblee Sierra is in for her chemo for 4 days. Her numbers went down again, which show that the mass is still dying more. Please pray this chemo keeps everything going so great!

June 8 at 6:26pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra had to be admitted to the hospital today. She has virtually no immune system due to the chemo (which is normal to happen) but she has slight fevers and the drs want to just be able to watch her for a couple days. Please pray that all is fine!!

June 18 at 9:44am

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s temp won’t go down. Drs are going to try other meds in the hopes that they work! We need all the prayers we can get right now!

June 20 at 10:20am

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s numbers for her immune system (ANC) seem to get going up, which is awesome. Her fevers are still there, but not as high or often. The drs think it could be viral, or even fungal. But they don’t think it’s bacterial. She does seem to be feeling better though.

Gen Chamblee Sierra is home. Her fevers have gone away as her immune system keeps coming back up. We are off to Denver tomorrow!!! Wish us luck!!

Gen Chamblee We are in Denver now for stem cell harvesting. Met with the drs and everything seems to be ready. It will be this Monday.

Gen Chamblee Harvesting is done. The drs were amazed that she did so well the 1st time. They were aiming for 12-15 million stem cells and they got 22.4 million!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is off of oxygen!!!!!

July 5 at 2:32pm

Gen Chamblee So Sierra has been doing great. She is walking, climbing, playing, talking and eating a bit more. We all want her to gain weight!

July 9 at 8:33am

Gen Chamblee Sierra has her CT tomorrow to tell if she is ready for surgery. Please pray that it shows the mass small enough to be taken out!

July 15 at 8:44am

Gen Chamblee Sierra had her CT done and was a champ! No sedation needed!

Gen Chamblee I am soooooooooooo excited right now! The clinic called and Sierra’s mass has shrunk by 75%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for surgery baby!!
Gen Chamblee Surgery will be Aug. 16th. Dr said it’s going to be one of the most complicated surgeries he’s done. The mass did go into her kidney, spleen and possibly her intestine. It is also on her major artery, and if he breaks it, she could bleed out.It is pretty much all dead though. But I am stressed. I know she has guardian angels, and that everyone praying is going to get her through this. Please keep her in your prayers!
Gen Chamblee ‎5 more days till surgery……….
August 11 at 9:37amBottom of Form

Gen Chamblee Sierra is being admitted into the hospital today for surgery tomorrow to remove the mass. This is going to be a very complicated surgery, and we need as many good thoughts and prayers as possible. Thank you all!

Gen Chamblee After 9.5 hours of surgery, the Dr feels he got 98% of the mass! Thank you all for the good thoughts & prayers!!!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra really needs prayers again. She got bacteria in her blood and it’s causing her blood pressure to drop. Please take a min and pray for her today. Thank you.

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing a bit better today. She is coming down off the blood pressure med. The bacteria is showing negative in her blood, which is awesome. If she goes 5 days with all negatives, then they consider it gone. She is still on the vent though. But once her blood pressure levels out, then the vent can be weaned. All her organs are doing great, including her lungs.

Gen Chamblee The last couple days have been good for Sierra. She got off the blood pressure meds yesterday and is doing great without them. 5 days negative, so the infection is most likely gone. The vent is still on,
but, it’s coming down. It’s not her lungs that are the problem this
time. Her body is just in shock from the surgery, but she’s getting

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing great. They are extubating her tomorrow. We also got the pathology back, and of the 95-98% of the mass that the surgeon took out, 90% of it was dead!

August 23 at 1:56pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra was extubated yesterday and is doing great!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is still in the hospital. For no other reason except she has been having diahrrea for the last 8 days. Thing is she is on antibiotics, which can cause diahrrea, and they are trying to figure out what is causing it. In the meantime Sierra has not had anything really to eat in 15 days except a few crackers and popcicles. Now I don’t have a medical degree, but don’t you need solid to go in, in order to come out

Gen Chamblee Sierra is going home today!! Woo hooo!!!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is in for her last round of chemo before Denver!

September 10 at 4:55pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is home again! We will be off to Denver in a couple weeks!

Gen Chamblee Sierra went to the er last night. She had a temp of 101.2. She has to go in with anything over 100.4 because of her immune system from the chemo.

Gen Chamblee Sierra is still in the hospital. Her immune system is slowly coming back up and her fevers are gone. The drs want to keep her until her counts are normal again and they want to do a few scans that had to be done before Denver anyway!

Gen Chamblee Please Lord, let Sierra’s CT today show that all her organs are fine & that the mass is either gone or all dead! And let her hearing be fine as well!

Gen Chamblee Sierra gets to go home today right after they do the last scan! We are set to go to Denver Oct 4th, and it could be a few months before we are back home after that! When I know results from the scans, I will post them!

Gen Chamblee We got all the scans back for Sierra except for 1. Her dr does not think that 95% was removed, he said more like 70%, but that it is hard to tell on the scan. I am going with the 95% since the surgeon physically saw it. We also got the news that her left kidney has stopped working.

Gen Chamblee The dr called and said that the last scan that was done showed that Sierra’s mass was a lot better but she has another mass trying to come back in her lymph node. We are still going to Denver and moving forward with treatment, but he said there is always a chance it can come back later on after all treatment is done. Please pray for her!

Gen Chamblee Off to Denver tomorrow for a week – please pray the work ups go well!!

Gen Chamblee 1st day of work ups was hectic. Blood tests, all kinds of cultures, EKG, and then Sierra got a fever so we had to stay a little longer at the hospital. Tomorrow is going to be even longer. We did get to eat at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. and our hotel gives free alcohol so that made things a little better 🙂

Gen Chamblee So Sierra got admitted at the hospital in Denver. She has a blood infection and the drs want to observe her and get her on meds to handle it. They also had to do the work ups anyway, so we should be out of here within a couple days! Please pray that all goes well and her scans look great. I am so stressed about these scans!!

Gen Chamblee So now Sierra has a bacterial blood infection……again! They think it could be MRSA. They are checking to see if her line is what is causing all of this.

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s MIBG scan is tomorrow. This will determine if she gets a transplant or not. Last one they did showed another little mass. This one will show if that little mass turned into a bigger mass, is it benign and if there are any new ones. I need each one of my friends,
family & beyond on here to pray VERY hard for Sierra tonight &
tomorrow. Thank you!

October 7 at 5:13pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s scan didn’t go well. The cancer has spread so now we are going back to Albuq. for more chemo.

Gen Chamblee There is a new kind of treatment being done for relapse Neuroblastoma. I had read about it and then today Sierra’s dr said she is going to be getting it. Thing is, it is either in Fort Worth or San Diego. I am hoping for SD since that is where I am from. Until then, we are doing
1-4 more rounds of chemo.

Gen Chamblee Sierra now has pneumonia . Please pray.
Gen Chamblee Looks as though we are going to San Francisco for the new treatment after 1 or 2 rounds of chemo.

October 14 at 1:28pm

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing alright. Chemo is still on hold until they get the pneumonia stable. She had a procedure done yesterday where they went down into her lung to get a swab & hopefully be able to tell what pneumonia it is. She seems to be a bit better today. We are hoping to get chemo going soon so we can get to San Francisco for the new treatmeant.Top of Form

October 16 at 10:44am

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s dr said her pneumonia could be gone or at least on its way out. Her lungs sound & look better & she is feeling better. No positive infections. Chemo should start tomorrow. Hoping it doesn’t cause us to take steps backwards. The dr said he is not sure if she is doing better because of the antibiotics or all the prayers that are being sent. Prayers work & we need all we can get to get her into remission!

Gen Chamblee So our insurance company doesn’t want to cover the new treatment for Sierra. This is my child’s life that we are talking about here. This will happen one way or another, even if that means we have to come out of pocket, and I don’t know the price tag on this treatment is.

Gen Chamblee Sierra should be going home on Wed! Chemo will be basically done and her pneumonia seems to be gone along with the infections. Then we will see what the next step for sure is! Please keep her in your prayers! Thank you!

Gen Chamblee Sierra is doing great at home! Just waiting to get the scans done!

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s scan will be on Wed. I am so nervous I can’t think straight. Please dear friends & family, pray as hard as you can for her & please my dear God, let the scan be better and hear that we are ready for transplant!

Gen Chamblee When Sierra got sick, my world stopped turning. Everything came to a stand still. The scans are tomorrow, please say a prayer. Thank you!

November 9 at 2:50pm

Gen Chamblee The new treatment was approved for Sierra! But ~ we are praying the scan looks great and we are ready for transplant and the new treatment is not needed!!

Gen Chamblee My reason for smiling is gone. Yesterday the dr has said Sierra’s cancer has spread badly. He gave her 2-6 weeks to live. The dr is going to still talk to San Fran to see if they can do anything or to see if there are any clinical trials open. People say everything happens for a
reason, I don’t want to hear that. There is NO reason that ANY parent
should lose their child. God, please spare my daughter.

November 12 at 7:23am

Gen Chamblee Sierra is home……..

Gen Chamblee Sierra isn’t doing so well. We all need to unite in prayer, get down and kneel, bow our heads. Dear Lord, please hear us…..

Gen Chamblee Sierra has less than a week left. All I want to do is cry every second of everyday.

Gen Chamblee Today at 4pm my baby love passed away. My world feels so empty and there is a pain in my heart that won’t ever go away. I love you Sierra. You left footprints on everyone’s hearts.

Gen Chamblee Sierra’s viewing will be at Daniel’s Funeral Home (3113 Carlisle Blvd NE) from 6pm-8pm tomorrow night.Her funeral will be at the same place on Sunday at 10am, with graveside at 11am.
November 26, 2010 at 3:18pm
Gen Chamblee Sierra’s funeral was beautiful. She looked like heaven. The presession moved me. When I looked back at the line of cars following the hearse, and at that moment I realized how much Sierra had impacted everyone. All
during the services the weather was calm. As we were leaving the wind
started. Right where Sierra was the leaves started to fall everywhere as
though she was crying…….
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