Featured Little Hero Brennan Scurlock

Featured Little Hero Brennan Scurlock

Featured Little Hero - Brennan Scurlock

On March 12, 2011, Brennan began to show signs of something being very wrong. He started running fevers, lasting 7 days straight and as soon as it would break with meds, it was back again full force. Slowly, his appetite decreased as well. We went to the Dr. on March 16th, and were told that Brennan was just teething, and to keep giving him meds anytime his temperature spiked. He weighted 22.7 lbs that day, at 10 months old. By March 31st, Brennan had progressively gotten worse. He was no longer eating at all, and had been sleeping continuously for 3 days. I took him back to his pediatrician who did some blood work, and tested his urine. His blood came back showing signs of infection, yet besides the symptoms we had been having, Brennan appeared “ok” from the outside. We were referred to out to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Over the next 24 hours we would learn that our sweet 10 month old little boy, had cancer. Brennan was “officially” diagnosed on April 8, 2011 with stage IV high risk neuroblastoma.

Over the next 10 months he received 5 cycles of chemotherapy, tumor removal surgery, stem cell harvest/transplant, and 2 cycles of radiation. We were to begin Brennan’s last phase of treatment, and were so close to potential remission, when we received more bad news on January 3, 2012. We were told Brennan was no longer eliglible at Texas Children’s for antibody therapy, and we were to do accutane only. I began seeking a second opinion, waiting on insurance approval to go to NYC for antibody therapy, when Brennan began to show signs of something wrong again. After 2 ER trips, and once again, NO eating, we found out Brennan’s original tumor has returned. 6 weeks ago his tumor was on it’s way to being gone for good. But now it’s bigger than ever. It has grown tremendously fast and can not be removed. He had a biopsy done, and Drs had to fix the bowel obstruction it had caused. We’re now being told that the pathology is looking as though it has changed. Part of his biopsy shows the neuroblastoma the same as we know it. But there are portions showing that his tumor has changed to the more aggressive, fast growing kind. If that is the case, more often times than not, the tumor will not respond anymore to treatment. This is what we are facing.

We’re asking for prayers, because right now prayers and God’s healing are all we have. Brennan has only been fighting for 10 months, we are not ready to stop now.






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