Totes of Hope

When Sierra was diagnosed, our world came to an abrupt halt. Everything as we knew it, had forever changed. We had to learn a new way of life, and the hospital became our 2nd home.

Totes of Hope are tote bags that are filled with items for newly diagnosed families to help make the cancer journey a bit easier. Each item is something that we, as parents, needed when we found out our little girl had cancer.

  • 3 ring binder w/ folders. The Doctors swamped us with paperwork, but nothing to hold and organize it all in.
  • Spiral notebook w/pens. Countless times the Doctor came in, and we had questions, but no place to write them down. We also know that some like to update with a Facebook or Caringbridge site, but others like to keep a handwritten journal of their journey.
  • Stuffed animal. No matter what the age, a stuffed animal can bring a smile.
  • Deck of cards. They come in handy when you need to pass the time, and the minutes are going by so slowly.
  • Mini calendar. Help keep track of important dates, whether it’s chemo, surgery, or just labs, a calendar will help.
  • Activity book. Again, sometimes it’s great to have something to help pass the time.
  • Tissues. You can never have too many of these.
  • Slipper socks. Daddy spent every night in the hospital with Sierra. Some nights were calm, others were chaos. At 3 am, when those machines sound off, the last thing you want is to have your feet on the cold hospital floor.
  • Coloring book & crayons. We all love to doodle.
  • Which Wich card. Sometimes you just need that break.

Totes of Hope exists solely because local businesses and individuals are willing to donate.

We appreciate all of the contributions that not only businesses, but individuals make towards our Totes of Hope program, and we want to expand to even more families in other hospitals.

The journey with a sick child is never an easy one. But we hope these totes can offer just a bit of hope.
Thanks again for helping us make a difference!


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