Create Your Own

Holding an event or fundraiser in your community is a great way to spread awareness!  It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small – it all makes a HUGE difference!  There are lots of ways to get your friends and family involved. Follow the few, simple steps below and create your own fundraiser!

1. Have An Idea? Let’s Get It Approved!

Before anything can happen, you will need to get your fundraiser approved. Email Andrea at with your event type, location and time. She will contact you for further information. A fundraiser cannot be held until it is approved.

2. Select A Place To Have It At!

You will need to decide if your event is big or small – and then pick a place for your event. Keep in mind, you may need to need to get permission from certain people, so make sure all of your bases are covered!

3. Pick A Date & Time!

Pay attention to holidays and the schedules of everyone involved. Remember to think about the kids’ school schedules (for family oriented events) and the weather (if it’s an outdoor event).

Once you have your event approved and you’ve picked the when and where – then you’re ready!

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