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Featured Little Hero:
Emily Grace Robinson

On June 29, 2014, after a couple of months of drs visits trying to find out why Emily’s back hurt, we were finally able to get an X-Ray. It showed her back was fine, but revealed a softball size mass in her upper left chest. We were admitted to UNMH that night. We spent the next 34 days there. Emily was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma at 4 years old. So far she has had 6 surgeries which consisted of a biopsy of the lymph node, broviac placement, and 3 chest tubes. The tumor was secreting into her left lung and collapsed it. They just removed one of the tubes, so hopefully that means that the tumor is shrinking. Recently Emily had an emergency lamenectomy in the middle of the night because the tumor was pressing on her spinal chord. She's had two cycles of chemo and having stem cell harvesting in Denver right now. The third cycle of chemo will be later this week, and we are hoping to get to Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan NY for a second opinion. You can follow Emily’s journey on facebook:
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